How to map a domain (or sub-domain) to AWS Elastic Beanstalk instance

These directions should be the same whether you are using Amazon’s route 53 DNS or any other provider.

  1. Login to you where ever you have your domains DNS managed
  2. In another browser window login and navigate to AWS Elastic Beanstalk service home page. In the green box of the application you’d like to map the URL to, you should see a URL associated with your elastic beanstalk instance. Copy this URL to your clipboard.
  3. Go back to your DNS hosting provider and click add new CNAME record
  4. For the name, add in your domain or sub-domain.
  5. In the CNAME add your Elastic Beanstalk URL that was copied to the clipboard earlier
  6. Save the new record.
  7. Have a few beers and wait for DNS propagation to to take place (0-8 hours for CNAME). I recommend Lagunitas IPA